Just in 2023:

  • 64 412 more crimes was reported than the previous year
  • 69 718 burglaries
  • 381 041 theft and assault offences
    This in Sweden alone with many countries in the world observing similar increases in crime rates.
Data established by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

Help us ensure you don't become part of these statistics.


GuardianEye is a compact ALL-IN-ONE surveillance camera, our flagship product and the shell protections equivalent of what the fire alarm is to the fire protection.

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What is the only thing worse than falling victim to a crime?

Not getting rectification for it.
Only a few percent of burglaries are solved. Meanwhile reported crime rates are soaring all across the world.

Ensure that no thief can lie on a beach in Marbella and drink drinks on your expense. With Osmion instead, you will be the one lying on a beach this summer with the ability to with just one click on your mobile gain:

  • The comfort given by good situational control & awareness
  • Evidence collection ensuring rectification IF the worst happens
  • A powerful deterrent making sure the worst DOES NOT happen

Would you live in a house without fire alarms?
No one expects their house to catch fire, but everyone still considers it a mistake not to be prepared just in case. Don't make the same mistake with your shell protection.

In evolution and natural selection, we talk about how the antelope doesn't have to be the fastest antelope or even faster than the cheetah, just faster than the slowest antelope. In physics, we talk about the law of least resistance. In shell protection terms, what this means is that when the wolf comes to your house to huff, he won't even get to the puff before Osmion's GuardianEyes makes him aware that you're not the pig who built your house out of either straw or twigs, whereupon he moves along looking for a simpler prey.

Shell protection becomes especially important in the summer when a lot of outdoor furniture and various tools are out front and are seen by thieves as a quick profit that can easily be sold on Facebook market place.

When it comes down to it, there is only one thing to ask.
What price tag would you put on your family's safety?

Osmion Security Solutions is here to guarantee you and your family's safety for a good much lower price than that.

It is with shell protection as with a good military, you get it before the war stands on your front porch.